This famous sauce brand wants to launch a Barbie collection


    Barbie Sauce and Ken Sauce, here’s a colorful version that’s likely to be very popular. Find out how this brand is recreating this spice in our everyday lives…with Barbie Sauce!

    Since the release of the hit Barbie movie, pink glitter has been everywhere, even on our plates! sparkly pink pasta barbie cocktail, Recipes with a photo of the doll Blonde literally explodes onto the canvas. Many fast food chains have also rushed to ride this pink glitter wave, like Burger King with it. 100% Pink List (only available in Brazil), or the Barbie Dreamburger with pink bun from Grill’d, an Australian chain specializing in healthy burgers. After fast food, it’s the turn of the brand specializing in sauces to fit into the world of Barbie…

    At the beginning of August, the American brand Heinz dropped a real bomb on its Instagram account: a post revealing the duo of Tomato Kinchup and Classic BBQ, Our daily sauces They’re all dressed in pink, and each is flanked by a slender silhouette of Barbie on the poster. Something that will make Barbie fans blush with joy! Although these two sauces are not yet on the shelves, everything indicates that this launch is seriously thought out by Heinz.

    In fact, under the post, the brand wanted to poll the public on the question: “Who wants to see this dream duo in the real world?And if opinions seem divided in France and the United States, The audience looks very excited : “what are you waiting for?” asks one fan while another shouts: “Heinz made my dream come true!” But then a simple teasing or a real release? One thing is for sure, if a brand’s ambition is to satisfy customer demand, it has a full interest in providing that The iconic sauce duo in the real world! And you, do you prefer concho sauce or BBQ sauce?

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