This former chef shares her to-die-for mac and cheese secret


    Mohamed El Sheikh, the season 12 nominee of Top Chef, presents his delicious macaroni and cheese recipe. The perfect dish to enjoy with ease.

    We drool just thinking about it…with I made it with 6 different cheesesthe previous Top Chef filterMohamed El Sheikh makes a rich and generous dish Sure to please all dairy lovers. To prepare this meal for your guests, go to the cheese maker or fresh foods section. By following the recipe posted on the chef’s Instagram account to the letter and above all, the quantities indicated, your dish will be dosed as it should be. So in the kitchen?

    Ingredients for Lomacone with Cheese, Honey and Rosemary by Mohamed Sheikh

    For this recipe, the chef uses Lumacone pasta. But nothing prevents you from choosing a different combination. The best thing is to find pasta that you can stuff with. For example, oversized striped elbows are perfect. explore Ingredients needed for 6 people.

    • 500 grams of lomacone gigante
    • 500 grams of procchio
    • 200 grams of Parmesan cheese
    • 100 grams Pecorino
    • 500 grams of mozzarella
    • 130 grams of Osao Irati
    • 150 grams of gorgonzola
    • 375 grams of unsalted butter
    • 500 grams of liquid cream
    • 6 tablespoons of acacia honey
    • 150 grams of pine nuts
    • A few sprigs of rosemary
    • Few basil leaves
    • A little butter
    • olive oil
    • Good salt
    • salt flower
    • freshly ground pepper
    • split pepper

    Preparation of lumakoni with cheese, honey and rosemary by Muhammad Al-Sheikh

    To prepare the macaroni and cheese dish, prepare a large pot. Then everything is easy Without the need for a lot of tools. Find out the steps to follow:

    1. Pour the liquid cream into a saucepan, then add the grated Parmesan, the osao irati, and the pecorino. Simmer with the addition of gorgonzola and a little pepper.
    2. Boil the pasta in salted water for the time indicated on the package.
    3. In a salad bowl, mix honey, pine nuts, and broccoli. Add the finely chopped rosemary and basil, then season with a drizzle of olive oil. Finally, add a few fleur de sel, pepper and espelite pepper.
    4. Cut thin slices of mozzarella cheese and a little parmesan shavings.
    5. Drain the cooked pasta and quickly brown it in the butter.
    6. Stuff it with the broccoli, put it in the center of the plate and carefully pour the sauce.

    You just have to enjoy this dish with family or friends. Do not hesitate to Try this recipe with different types of cheese. This will allow you to have a 100% personal dish!

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