This guy’s improbable technique for roasting marshmallows


    Instead of grilling marshmallows on skewers like everyone else, this American has developed a MacGyver-worthy way to grill them more quickly.

    However, this family evening promised to be completely normal: On the program is a wood fire and roasted marshmallows For everyone. But now, instead of roasting his famous marshmallows one by one on skewers like everyone else, this American had the ingenious (or crazy?) idea of ​​roasting dozens of marshmallows at once, using a completely different method, usually reserved for gardening. Unusual technology to say the least Which spread quickly on social media.

    We can easily imagine how the idea arose in Uncle Tim’s mind: After he had made the fire, he looked around in the garden and saw… he had made a fire. Neither one nor two Hold the tool After cleaning it carefully (at least, we hope so), he stuck a marshmallow to each branch of the rake and began roasting them over the fire.

    Does this seem inappropriate to you? Us too, but it must be said that this temporary brooch shows itself Very effective for roasting many marshmallows at once ! The real question to ask is: Did he poison the guests with this somewhat questionable technique? This is the controversy sparked by this video posted on Instagram. Among the many comments, some netizens exclaimed genius while others felt insulted: “Am I the only one concerned about the toxic coating on my rake?“,”Not funny“, or “Uncle Tim doesn’t have to have kids“But then, is this rake technique really dangerous? Hmm.” It all depends on the condition of the rake…If it is rusty and has traces of lead, for example, there is a great danger. But if it’s new and covered in stainless steel, with no toxic paint, why not. If you want our opinion, it’s not worth it Good old Sikh technique !