This Halloween zebra cake is devilishly good


    Halloween is coming! To thrill your loved ones, create a cake specially designed for the occasion: a zebra web cake. Very good recipe!

    Decorations, sweets, and costumes: this year, you have everything planned to celebrate Halloween It should. Everything, except maybe To taste. to Making children and adults tremble with fearbet on a Terrifying recipe : Zebra cake in the shape of a spider web!

    Ingredients for the distinctive Zebra cake Halloween

    Before you start implementing this Tasty cake zebraStart by gathering the ingredients the next. Lineage to 8 people.

    For the ultimate spooky Halloween cake

    • 250 ml ofNeutral oil
    • 250 grams of fine sugar
    • 100 grams of orange juice, without forgetting the peel
    • 4 eggs, room temperature
    • 300 grams of precise (Or half rice flour, half fCorn hull For a gluten-free version)
    • 2 teaspoon yeast
    • 25 grams of cacao In powder Unsweetened (This is the secret to getting a strong cocoa taste)
    • Orange dye and black dye

    For larger than life spider web decoration

    • 40 grams of icing sugar + 2 teaspoons water
    • 60 ml of liquid cream
    • 85 grams dark chocolate

    Prepare a zebra cake in Halloween colors

    Step 1: The cake

    1. Butter and flour a Mold circular.
    2. In a large bowl, mix oil, sugar, orange juice, and eggs until well combined.
    3. Divide the preparation into two equal parts. First, add 175 grams of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and orange coloring before mixing. In the second, add the remaining flour (125 g) with a teaspoon of baking powder, cocoa powder, and black coloring. mix up.
    4. Preheat your oven to 180°C.
    5. In the center of the mold, alternately pour 3 tablespoons of each of the paste (one on top of the other).
    6. Bake for approximately 40 minutes.

    Step 2: Frost

    1. Once your Halloween zebra cake has cooled, prepare the white fondant. Mix the powdered sugar with two teaspoons of water.
    2. Pour the mixture into a piping bag, then leave it aside until it cools.
    3. Boil the liquid cream in a pot.
    4. Pour the boiling cream over chocolate cut into small pieces.
    5. Leave it for a minute, then mix it well.
    6. Pour the sauce onto the cake, then level it with a spoon.
    7. Starting in the middle of the zebra cake, form a spiral shape using the white fondant.
    8. Finally, use a knife or toothpick to pull the lines outward to create a beautiful spider web.

    it’s ready ! happy Halloween!