This is the simplest way to open a grenade


    Have you been looking for the easiest way to open a pomegranate without leaving your finger in it and scattering the seeds everywhere? Look no further, we have found it for you. Spoiler: It’ll be fixed in just 30 seconds!

    According to Armenian legend, a pomegranate contains 365 seeds, one for each day of the year, so that no one will die of hunger. To open a grenade, There is a lot of advice on the Internet.
    We advise you to submerge the bomb inwater, Subordinate Knock to loosen the seeds Or even dig it with a spoon… But the last time I tried to open a pomegranate by following these tips, The kitchen turned into a crime scene : I repainted the walls with pomegranate juice and found seeds in the four corners of the room. Forget all these methods, there are much simpler methods. Here’s how to open a pomegranate in less than a minute!

    Pomegranate, a seasonal fruit with multiple benefits

    Collect precious seeds Refreshing pomegranate, it’s worth it! Pomegranates are available at kiosks September to December, full of benefits. rich in AntioxidantsPomegranates are an interesting source of Dietary fiber. In addition to having Anti-inflammatory propertiesit would even be preferred Cardiovascular health.

    To choose wisely, choose fruitsFirm barkColorful Dark red (almost brown) without browning. Also prefer more fruits heavy, whose meat will be juicier. Now that you’re well informed, learn how to open a grenade easily.

    How to open a grenade in 30 seconds

    In this method, you do not need to fill a bowl with water or use force to extract the seeds. All you need is a sharp knife! Here’s how to do it in 3 very simple steps :

    • Start by cutting a square around the hat. Gently pull the stem to remove it, it will come off easily.
    • Position yourself at the level of the edges that separate the seeds And cut the pomegranate vertically along these edges. The idea here is to cut the pomegranate into several quarters so that it opens slightly like a flower! Allow approximately 6 incisions in total.
    • Once you cut the pomegranate into quarters, all you have to do is… Separate the quarters to collect the seeds Easily, without worrying about the bitter and astringent white film.

    Not only does this work great, it’s really child’s play!

    Pomegranate, that seasonal fruit that has everything good