This little gesture will prevent you from getting milky skin on your hot chocolate


    Who among us has never had the unpleasant experience of finding a layer of milk on our hot chocolate? If this doesn’t bother some people, it might turn you off. No problem, there is a simple solution to avoid this. We tell you everything.

    Let’s unravel the mystery This skin is completely edible. It comes from fats and proteins Milk It can even be used in your pastries or as a cream. But if you don’t like the taste Here’s a technique to avoid their formation Enjoy the smoothness of your taste chocolate hot.

    The small gesture that changes everything

    The creation of this film is attributed to A chemical reaction Which happens right in your frying pan. With heat, the molecules in the milk rise to the surface and form this famous milk crust.

    To get rid of it, nothing could be easier. Do Heat the milk over very low heat. Indeed, when milk is boiled at a high temperature, it facilitates the formation of skin. This can also happen in the microwave. It is crucial that Stir your preparation well To prevent molecules from joining together.

    Type of milk Which one you choose is also a variable to take into consideration. For example, raw milk tends to form a thicker coating. Regarding Fat milkCreates clearer skin. Skimmed milk is ideal to avoid milk skinBecause it contains a very small percentage of fat and its molecules cannot coagulate.

    Some people hate it, but others use milk peel…

    trade mark Dairy products She says it well herself. Do not throw away the milk peelused very well in grandma’s recipes or by Chefs most popular. Rich and delicious, this cream can be used in simple but delicious pastries.

    in Pound cake To replace ghee Or mix with flour and sugar to form small cakes Multiple creative possibilities for reusing milky skin.

    Chefs have understood that this ingredient can become gourmet. Michelle Brass He was one of the first to realize this and exploit the flavors of milk skins. Milk toast skin testdecorated with chocolate and jam Depending on your desires. alain Ducasse, He was inspired to create a delicious recipe based on milk peel and Strawberry Woodland.

    Now it’s up to you to make your choice Hot chocolate: with or without milk peel ? If you can’t decide, don’t hesitate Test recipes with this milk creamRich in flavour, without forgetting your comforting hot drink alongside it of course!