This low-cost olive oil ranks first in the rating of “60 million consumers”


    The test center with 60 million consumers awarded the gold medal for the best olive oil to a bottle that is still far from the most expensive. Here’s which one.

    Low price does not always mean poor quality. Proof of this is our gold medal-winning olive oil 60 million consumers. The magazine devoted a long investigation to this topic and classified the bottles by testing them. The results of the study are surprising..

    What is the best bottle of olive oil?

    Out of 24 Olive oils Tested, the best is not what you think. This is a product non organic He who has no name:Lidl Primadonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil. with her Score 16/20It’s at the top of the rankings. As for its price, it is as well 6.99 euros per litre.

    In the rest of the rankings, the first organic olive oil comes in only fourth place. But he again The cheapest in its class,l’Carrefour organic extra olive oil It is actually sold in 9.98 euros per liter. If the jury noted its freshness, they highlighted that as well Presence of plasticizer residue.

    How was the ranking determined?

    The winner of this ranking is the only one who It does not contain any contaminants. Because to do this investigation, the magazine team 60 million consumers Switched to composition oils. If this product is very popular, the survey determines itThe French consume approximately 110,000 tons annually“. But in almost all bottles sold in large and medium-sized stores, “We found out Pollution with plasticizers or hydrocarbons“, We can read. In addition to noting the presence of these elements, which may also be endocrine disruptors, so will the jury Note the taste and quality of olive oil. When testing some products, they revealed their taste “rotten or rotten” No sales allowed With the mention of “extra virgin”. So, For the 24 references examined, scores range from 7.5/20 to 16/20.