This method of knowing whether the quince is ripe or not is unstoppable


    Quinces provide a very aromatic flesh when fully cooked. Before, it would be harsh and could ruin your recipe. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to check the doneness of quince.

    Quince is an essential fruit of autumn It is harvested from October to November, before the first frost. This small, slightly fleshy fruit is part of the Rosaceae family, like pears and apples. Those lucky enough to live near a Quince tree Know this well: This yellow and plump fruit is ideal for preparing jelly or compote thanks to its content Very aromatic and rich meat Pectin. When fully cooked, quince can also be included in your delicious recipes, roasted in the oven with chestnuts to accompany a leg of lamb for example. In the oven, in compote, in jelly, or even in The sauceWhatever you understand, Quince should always be ripe. Otherwise you risk adding bitterness and astringency to your recipes! if Quince The ones we find in our stalls are sold ripe most of the time, and it may happen that some crops are more volatile and the fruits are uneven. Not sure if your quince is ripe? Don’t panic, it’s there An infallible way to get to the bottom of it !

    How do you know if quince is ripe?

    If you go pick it yourself, this method will be more beneficial to you, because quince does not ripen as quickly on the tree. also, Quince remains toughEven when mature. But the good news: There’s a simple way to tell if your quince is ready to cook. Here’s how to easily identify ripe quince:

    • Watch its color carefully: You can recognize ripe quince by its beautiful golden color.
    • Touch it: Quince is covered with soft down. Run your finger over it, if it breaks off easily, then the fruit is ripe!

    Always perform this check, even for quince picked from the ground. In reality, It is not uncommon for the fruit to fall before it ripens ! Something tells us that knowing this tip will keep your G-angle from your friends as you make your next choices…