This popular fast food chain now offers an anti-inflation menu for €5


    Fair warning: this fast food giant now offers a €5 menu containing not one, but two sandwiches (always accompanied by a drink and fries, of course). We tell you more.

    In these inflationary times, many fast food chains are not being bailed out It had to increase its prices…And to counter this increase in the cost of living, McDonald’s wanted to offer a limited-edition menu at very low prices: after the McFirst menu that starts from 5.55 euros, the fast food chain now offers a menu for 5 euros all-inclusive! The Anti-Inflation List presents itself as an alternative to the McFirst List launched in 2015, the price of which has risen slightly. In reality, This increased from €4.95 in 2020 to €5.55 in 2023.. Unlike McFirst’s menu which consists of a sandwich with… A chickBeef or fish, fries and drinks, the new menu doesn’t offer one, however Two sandwiches, french fries, and a drink. Is it enough to satisfy even the hungriest people? We’ll tell you more about McDonald’s new menu.

    What is the name of the 5 euro menu at McDonald’s?

    At McDonald’s stations, you’ll find this new €5 menu under the name “McSmart Menu”. This consists of two sandwiches of your choice : Either a few ranch wraps and a cheeseburger, or a few ranch wraps and a few beef Luxurious sauce. all, Accompanied by small French fries and a small drink of your choice. A menu that has quickly become the talk of the Internet, with customers delighted to be able to have a real feast by ordering two menus from McSmart for the modest sum of 10 euros!

    The second menu is €6 per round

    The McSmart Menu+ is the counterpart of the McSmart Menu for those who are hungry, and is offered at a price of €6. Here, the same choices are available to you, but this time the sandwiches are accompanied by Medium French fries and medium drink ! You’re free to choose the same sandwich twice if you’re a big fan of mini ranch wraps, for example. The “smart menu” diversifies pleasures more than McFirst’s menu, which is what it aims to do More substantial than the famous Happy Meal. But beware, This offer is for a limited time… Find here List of brands that offer it!