This seems to be the best way to store potatoes


    Few people know about this wonderful method of preserving potatoes. However, this will be the best way to keep them for as long as possible… Find out which one!

    When raclette season is open, you can stock up potatoeseven if it means buying a little more than necessary… Excess is often criticized, to which she responds: “It doesn’t matter, keep the potatoes!“Yes, that is, until the day you find them all limping Covered with germs if developed That Tarzan could almost use it as a vine. As a result, potatoes often end up in compost. We explain how to avoid this mess Keeps potatoes beautiful and healthy for longer.

    How to store potatoes as long as possible?

    The first essential thing to know is: keep potatoes In a cool, dry place away from lightIts temperature ranges between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. So we forget the basket over the oven and prefer it Supplies Room, cellar or cellar. Then there is the issue of the container. Generally, potatoes are stored in burlap or kraft paper boxes or bags. Well I know that These are not boxes, burlap bags or kraft paper Which provides the best option for storing your potatoes, but it is another rather unusual container.

    The best container for storing potatoes is…

    Cooking site the kitchen He put every possible container imaginable through the test bench and the results were surprising. It is rarely used for preserving potatoesThe one who gets the best score is nothing but… a cartoon! By placing the potatoes in an open box, without stacking them, they will remain firm and be less likely to sprout, even after several months. All you have to do is take the test!

    However, The Kitchn does not recommend storing potatoes in a basket, as this will not protect them enough from light and keep them soft and sprouting quickly.