This simple chef’s tip for getting beautiful ridges on your madeleines


    There’s nothing more frustrating than madeleines with no ridges that come out of the oven completely flat. Here’s the tip you need to know to make madeleines with a nice bump every time!

    How many times have you stared desperately into your oven window? Hoping to see the famous bumps appear On your madeleine… who never came? Do you want to wow your guests with plump madeleines, but don’t know how to do it? We guarantee you that making a perfect madeleine the first time is not given to everyone. but For beautifully bouncy, puffy madeleines as in pastry shopHere is a chef tip that will make your job much easier!

    Why is there a bump on the madeleine?

    To know how to successfully prepare madeleines, you need to understand where this much-desired crunch comes from. The madeleine bump is not a result of the shape of the mold. This appears thanks to thermal shock Between the dough temperature and the oven temperature! As is often the case, baking is a bit of a science. But how can this thermal shock be created?

    How to get a bump on madeleine?

    Making a good madeleine depends on two things: putting the dough in a cool place and heating the oven to the right temperature. The combination of these two treatments is essential to the success of the madeleine! Heres how to do it To make a finely ground madeleine like a real one president.fe!

    • Place the madeleine dough in a piping bag Fill your molds three-quarters full. Above all, no more, otherwise the device may overflow from the molds in the mold to cook.
    • Reserve in the refrigerator Minimum 30 minutes At best, an entire night.
    • Preheat the oven to 210°C and bake for 3 minutes. Then reduce the temperature At 180°C and continue cooking for an additional 5 minutes.

    When the madeleine is golden, it’s ready! With this trick, The dough will develop slowly in the refrigerator It will be at the perfect temperature to cause thermal shock. Yours is so rugged Madeleine!