This simple technique will restore crunch to your baguette


    There’s nothing better than a fresh, crunchy baguette. Unfortunately, they grow up quickly! Instead of throwing them away, follow waste control’s advice to revive them.

    Who never gives up Piece of bread On the work surface? The next day, it becomes hard as stone, or, on the contrary, soft. Either way it’s inedible… Fortunately, it’s possible to restore it to its original state, as if it had just come from your baker. Making a baguette soft and crunchy again will take you 5 minutes, so don’t deprive yourself of it!

    The effective and unstoppable advice for preserving a hard baguette

    Step 1: Wet the stick well

    The first thing you should do to revive the freshness of your baguette is to do it Moisten it a little. To do this, slide it for a few seconds belowwater handle.

    Step 2: Put it in the oven

    Once well hydrated, the baguette is ready Place it in the oven for 5 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Remember to turn it halfway through the cooking process.

    When in contact with heat, the moisture in the bread generates steam. As if by magic, The crumb swells And He regains all his flexibility. About the Shell Of the stick, she Crispy bite.

    Step 3: Taste

    Enjoy a risen baguette Still a little warm. A real treat, isn’t it?

    What is the best way to store a baguette?

    To avoid getting a mushy or dry baguette, the secret is to store it in ideal conditions.

    Golden Rule No. 1: It is best to store it at room temperature

    Wrap the baguette in a clean cotton cloth before putting it in Moderate room Or better yet, in Bread box (wooden or metal). Make sure to keep it away from any source of heat or moisture. Keeping it in a cloth prevents the baguette from becoming mushy or drying out too quickly.

    Golden Rule No. 2: Plastic makes you ban

    The plastic bag captures the moisture in the baguette, speeding up the freezing process. This is the complete opposite of the desired effect!

    Golden Rule No. 3: A refrigerator you’ll forget about

    Do you think that by putting the baguette in the refrigerator, you will be able to keep it soft for a few more days? Well, no! When the Store at low temperatureBread tends to softening.

    Golden Rule No. 4: Freezing will take into account

    If your freezer is large enough, you can store your baguettes perfectly in freezer bags. To thaw them, simply leave them at room temperature for a few hours, then reheat them in the oven.