This taught me these 5 pro tips that will change everything in my kitchen


    Working in a restaurant kitchen requires precision and speed. After seven months of experience as a kitchen assistant, here are the tips and feedback I learned and that I use on a daily basis today in my kitchen!

    Working in the kitchen is a very special job. Between peak times when you have to serve several tables at the same time and quieter times… you need to get organized! By spending nearly a year in the kitchen of an Irish restaurant, I made a discovery Writer’s profession. By preparing foods and ingredients that chefs cook for seven months, I learned Techniques that allowed me to move faster without losing accuracy. Here are some of the ones I now use on a daily basis!

    Don’t cut your fingers while going fast

    With sharp knives, I learned the hard way that cutting your fingers happens a lot. Unless we do it right! Just always touch the knife blade Against his middle battalion (middle one). By tilting the distal phalanx, the part containing the nail, toward the inside of the hand, It is impossible to cut yourself And it’s so easy to go fast!

    Make garlic butter quickly

    To make garlic butter, nothing could be easier. Just add whole garlic cloves In a frying pan at 190 degrees Celsius For one to two minutes. Being careful not to burn yourself, collect the garlic By applying light pressure on the horns To take it out. It is then mixed with Butter and parsley. It also makes garlic puree, which is a great treat!

    Make toast at home

    It’s too stupid but to make Toast Simply add it to your Caesar salad Cut the sandwich bread crumbs into small cubes. Add olive oil and Herbs of Provence And he goes Cooking at 180°C for a few tens of minutes Shake regularly. In an airtight container, homemade croutons will keep for several days.

    Cut vegetables easily

    As a kumis, most tasks involve chopping vegetables to add to the chefs’ preparations. But you shouldn’t cut them the wrong way! For pepper, for example, nothing can be faster. That’s enough decapitation Then place the vegetables upside down. Immediately afterwards, We cut corners. This prevents the white parts of the pepper from being poorly digested.

    Serve sauces perfectly

    To update the display of panels, nothing could be easierAdd a touch of sauce In an elegant and elegant way. The secret to this: invest in small plastic bottles With good advice. Whether it’s adding a dash of tartar sauce or a drop of hot sauce, it’s much easier. You can also choose a bottle with a cap Prepare homemade sauces and then store them Easily several days in the refrigerator.