This tip for making ketchup has gone viral on TikTok


    Are you tired of not reaching the rest of the ketchup stuck at the bottom of the bottle? This tip will change your life!

    You also sometimes hit the bottle ketchup Hopefully sauce Sooner or later eventually fall? However, no matter how much we try, nothing works, nothing works He falls Doesn’t come back down. This small daily struggle, like butter that is too hard to spread, nonetheless has an impact Solution ! there he is.

    Here’s how to empty a ketchup bottle in 3 seconds

    Do you have a bottle of ketchup in your refrigerator? You are not alone, the famous American condiment is one of the most widely used sauces in the world. There are more than 650 million bottles of Heinz® Ketchup Which are consumed every year (that is, more than 20 bottles are emptied every second), we learn in Montreal Journal. Despite this exorbitant figure, no one seems to know how to act Empty the ketchup bottle Just like that, there’s always a little bit of sauce left at the bottom. Some scrape the bottle with a knife, others cut the bottle in two, while sometimes people just throw the bottle away out of desperation.

    Fortunately, this era of food waste is over, and we owe it to Casey Rieger. On TikTok, the American reveals her advice for reaching the end of a ketchup bottle in at least 3 seconds. And the worst part is that it’s as easy as it makes sense… The advice in question? Wrap your arm (with the ketchup bottle in your hand). Yes, it’s that simple!

    So of course, this isn’t revolutionary, but it’s very useful to know! Proof: The video has now garnered more than 19 million views, and you can use this technique with other similar bottles, just remember to close the cap or risk repainting the walls of your house!