This two-star chef revisits rice pudding with an unexpected ingredient


    Chef Jean Sulpice, winner of two Michelin stars, returns to delight our palates with a delicious new recipe that is easy to reproduce at home. Rice with coconut milk and red fruits invites itself to our kitchen.

    the Milk rice It is often flavored with cinnamon and covered in caramel. However, there are many variations that make us drool just as much, whether chocolate, coconut or even savory versions. We tend to perceive this recipe as a technique, but it is quite the opposite. the president Double star Jean Sulpice He proves this to us with his simple and delicious recipe Rice with coconut milk and Red fruits. A melting and sweet version that can be shared…or not!

    Promising to take us on a journey through every meal, the chef shares many simple and delicious recipes on his Instagram account. With its special reinterpretation, it adds color to the classic rice pudding by adding an unmissable fruity touch. Here’s how to prepare your famous recipe at home for 8 people.

    Rice notes with coconut milk and red fruits by Jean Sulpice

    To prepare this comforting recipe, you will need these ingredients that can be easily found in stores:

    • 400 grams coconut milk
    • 270 grams of cream
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    • 30 grams of sugar
    • 80 grams of round rice

    Prepare rice with coconut milk and red fruits

    Once you have all the ingredients placed on the work surface, you will only need to equip yourself with a frying pan and a whisk.

    1. Soak the rice in water, then filter it to get rid of excess starch
    2. Bring the coconut milk and cream to a boil.
    3. When it first boils, add the rice, then cook for 45 minutes over low heat.
    4. At the end of cooking, add the sugar and the seeds of half the vanilla pod.
    5. Served with raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries, strawberry chips and biscuit pieces.