To get rid of bad breath, there’s nothing like this unexpected food


    Have you stopped eating garlic for fear of bad breath? Researchers have discovered that this everyday food helps you get rid of it from the first bite.

    Who hasn’t already refrained from Eat garlic For fear of existence Bad breath ? What a shame when we know that there is so much to this fragrance benefits ! Fortunately for Garlic loversa study published in the journal molecules By American researchers, A Natural solution !

    An ideal food to neutralize the smell of garlic

    Bad breath isn’t really a bad thing, but when you can do without it, you will. The problem is that garlic is good and goes well with many dishes. But recently, to our great delight, two researchers from Ohio State University in the US found the solution.

    But before I reveal it to you, do you know Why does garlic give bad breath? ? Allicin, an ingredient found when you chop garlic, is to blame. When broken down, allicin forms allyl methyl sulfide, which is… The main cause of bad breath. Once this ingredient is ingested, it takes 24 hours for the body to clear it!

    So what is this miracle solution? This is based on just one element: yogurt. It is eaten immediately afterward Eating garlic and yogurt neutralizes aromatic odors. The study showed that fats and proteins (especially casein) have a neutralizing effect, as they bind and then trap unpleasant molecules that are then unable to evaporate. the High-fat yogurt Therefore, it is the perfect solution to get rid of bad breath!

    If you are not convinced, after eating yogurt, you can always chew a few leaves of mint or fresh parsley. So there is no more reason to deprive yourself of garlic, you know what to do!