To keep your homemade cookies soft, place them in your storage container


    To keep your homemade cookies fresh and soft longer, there’s a simple trick: Insert an intruder into your cookie box…we’ll explain.

    You put your heart into making these cookies. And for once, by mastering time to cook millimeter, You’ve made the perfect cookies : A slightly cracked appearance that hides a soft dough underneath, bordering on undercooked. You’re not a little proud! But now, I’ve made too many, and I won’t run out of these precious cookies in a day. Instead of freezing them, because they are now cooked, freezing them may cause them to harden, you decide Place them carefully in an airtight container. But the next day, when you receive your friends’… teaHere’s the tragedy: Your soft cookies from the day before are nothing more than dry, soulless cookies that one might confuse with industrial cookies. Don’t panic, we’ll explain it to you How to make up for it when the cookies harden ! Here’s a tip that will prevent fresh, soft cookies from hardening and can also revive already hardened cookies…

    How do you keep your homemade biscuits soft?

    After baking and cooling, it is necessary to place the cookies in an airtight container. but that is not all, This container must maintain a certain level of humidityOtherwise, the cookies are inevitably at risk of hardening. This phenomenon is due in particular to crystallization sugar which it contains. To avoid this, Simply put an everyday ingredient in your cookie box : A piece of bread ! Yes, a simple slice of bread will maintain enough moisture to keep the cookies soft.

    If the latter has already hardened, the slice of bread will act as a moisturizer and It will make the cookies all their softness In a few hours! Once your slice of bread has hardened, replace it to maintain the proper moisture level in the box and that’s it!