To peel a banana, discover the “primate method,” which is literally amazing


    Here’s how to peel a banana to remove the threads properly. They are so easy to make, you will be pleasantly surprised!

    We don’t offer her anymore! Bananas are the fruit that we eat since childhood because they taste very delicious. Bananas are also excellent for your health. It is an ally of athletes and school children who need a good dose of energy, as it is rich in it magnesiumPotassium and antioxidants. On the other hand, we give you It’s not always easy to remove the peel from bananas. We always find ourselves with threads stuck to our fingers or having to be separated from the body. These little bitter cords are called Bark It is not very pleasant in the mouth and even spoils the taste a little. And the monkeys don’t seem to be impressed either. But there is A foolproof technique to properly peel bananas And get rid of these threads. You will be amazed!

    The real way to peel a banana

    We bet you’ve already seen a family member or friend do this without really understanding why. The correct advice for removing long strings from bananas is Upside down banana trick. Do you see what we’re talking about? Even if it doesn’t seem very instinctive, we assure you that this technique works perfectly. The proof is that our monkey friends are fond of it banana And much smarter than us, it has been in use for a long time!

    How to perfectly peel a banana the primate way

    Here’s the real way to perfectly peel a banana:

    1. Place your banana upside down,
    2. Using your index finger and thumb, press the end of the banana where it meets the skin.
    3. Once the banana is opened, pull the skin down,
    4. Pull out all the parts one by one until the banana is completely peeled.

    Now you know how to peel a banana and remove the strings. However, do not throw the bark in the trash. You can consume it by processing it. In fact, you can move them to a file smoothie To add an extra touch of bitterness or even put it in your banana bread to add texture to the preparation. Your turn now!