To squeeze a lemon properly, you have to do it “backwards.” You will get twice more juice


    When squeezing lemons, do you sometimes have trouble getting all the juice? It might be because you’re not doing it the best way… Here’s a very simple way to extract as much lemon juice as possible.

    the LemonLemons, especially sour lemons, sometimes give you a hard time: even by squeezing like crazy, you cannot extract the slightest drop of juice…and if your lemon has bad luck… Slightly ripe, it is impossible to extract its juice. If you recognize yourself in these lines, there is a high probability that you are making the same mistake that most of us did. Yes, Clearly, we are squeezing lemons the wrong wayOr rather…in the wrong way. With this technique, you won’t even need a citrus juicer! We’ll explain it to you.

    How to squeeze lemon easily… without a citrus juicer?

    When you want to squeeze a lemon, it’s natural to cut it into two equal halves, cutting them crosswise. This is where you go wrong: cutting like this, Extract Lemon juice It will not be optimalBecause the white membranes crossing its core will act as a barrier. Yes, as the American magazine explains Good appetiteYou actually have to do it in reverse! To extract juice from green or yellow lemons easily, you don’t need a citrus juicer, just cut it in the right direction.

    Steps to squeeze lemon correctly and recover as much juice as possible

    • Cut the lemon lengthwise Place your knife on its two pointed ends.
    • Cut the lemon into 3 approximately equal parts, slicing around the ribbed center. in place To discover white sun-shaped veins inside it, you will distinguish the lines.
    • Stand over a bowl and press down the cut pieces Bring the two pointed ends together.

    By continuing in this manner, Never waste a drop again : The lemon juice will flow more easily and you will harvest twice as much. So this is the tip you should remember during your next mojito evening!