Two new recruits join the judging panel to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary!


    Unbelievable but true: Two new recruits are joining the Top Chef judging panel alongside Glenn Vieil, Hélène Darroze, Paul Barrett and Philippe Etchebest. Find out who he is.

    The news just came! To celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary Top chefs, M6 pulls out all the stops and announces the arrival of two new recruits to the jury. In this new edition, parity between jurors will be respected from then on Glenn PhilPhilip Echebest, Paul Barrett and Helen Darroze Join them Stephanie Le Quellec and Dominique Crenn.

    Therefore, Top Chef, always hosted by Stefan Rottenberg, will receive 15 stars in the jury! Stephanie Le QuellecIt is based in Paris with its restaurant the sceneholds two stars in the Michelin Guide, while Dominic Crane He received three for his creation Crane workshop Headquartered in San Francisco, USA. there chefwho grew up in Brittany, has just opened his first restaurant in Paris, Golden poppy, and has already received critical acclaim. If this new configuration should shake up the brigade’s cards, the M6 ​​has yet to reveal more. Will the candidates have to split into six teams? Or will the jury members unite to train young chefs? You will need to be patient to find out more…

    Who are the Top Chef judges?

    For the upcoming season of Top Chef, Glenn Fell, Paul BarrettHélène Darroze and Philippe Echebeste will be joined by Stephanie Le Quellec and Dominique Crenn.

    Who are the previous Top Chef winners?

    Hugo He was the big winner of Top Chef season 14. Find out the winners of previous editions below.

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