“vegan steak,” “vegan sausage,” “vegan bacon,” why these terms might soon be gone


    Soon, you may not easily find “vegetarian steak” on the shelves. We show you why this term and other names are likely to disappear.

    Labeling vegan products with butcher terms like “vegetarian steak” may soon be banned in France. Today, Monday, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty announced that he has prepared a new decree aimed at: To prevent Asmaa evoke foodstuffs of animal origin. for food made from plants. Why ? Terms like “vegetable steak” would be considered “misleading claims” according to Agriculture Secretary Mark Visno. then, No more sausage and vegetable pies? Not quite, they would simply have to change the names.

    This is not the first time the French government has wanted to ban the name “vegetable steak”. Indeed, the latter had already published a decree in June 2022, but it was summarily suspended by the State Council. The highest administrative court has not yet decided on the merits of the case, but brought a case to the Court of Justice of the European Union in July over issues relating to the interpretation of European labeling regulations. And without waiting for the outcome of this procedure which is still in progress, Ministry Of Agriculture I decided to draft a new decreeNoting that it took into account the observations of the State Council. Quite simply, the first text proposed by the government was very vague, as it specified indiscriminately: “the specific terms of the butchery, or roast meat, or fish trade”. Today revised text Accurately lists terms that qualify as “misleading” Which the government no longer wants to see on the shelves. At the top of the list are the terms “steak,” “ham,” and “escalope.” This is followed by names referring to the food’s shape or cooking method such as “blood sausage”, “sausage”, or “bacon”. In total, 21 terms installed. While we’ve been using the phrase “veggie steak” for nearly 40 years, we wonder how it will ever be renamed!