What can you replace olive oil with in dishes and salads? Cheap, innovative and delicious alternatives


    Bad news for consumers! The price of olive oil is rising significantly. But don’t panic, there are interesting alternatives.

    It’s hard to let go! to’olive oil It is an essential ingredient in cooking. But bad news can dampen chefs’ enthusiasm. The price of this liquid gold may rise in the coming months! This is already the case Spain Since the end of summer. The world’s leading company in the production and export of olive oil Prices reach 10 euros per liter in some supermarkets. This is a severe blow to our European neighbors because the product forms one of the foundations of Mediterranean cuisine.

    The reason appears to be climatic. In fact, Spain has been recording record temperatures for several years. Droughts hitting the country have significantly impacted 2022-2023 production and had a direct impact on crops. The result is disastrous. But know that there is Interesting alternatives to olive oil! In fact, other vegetable oils are affordable and also have multiple virtues both for health and for the taste buds.

    To replace olive oil in frying:

    Sunflower oil is a great option. It handles heat well and is perfect for dishes like vegetable dumplings or fried chicken. In addition, grapeseed oil, which has a high smoke point, is also suitable for frying and can be used to prepare homemade French fries or tarte tatin.

    In sweet and exotic dishes:

    to’Walnut oil Coconut stands out. Its mild, fragrant flavor makes it perfect for dishes like Thai curry or coconut cake. It adds a tropical touch that can enhance many desserts and main dishes.

    To replace olive oil in vinaigrette:

    to’Colza oil It is a versatile alternative. Thanks to its neutral taste, it pairs well with different ingredients to make a balanced salad dressing, such as a quinoa salad with roasted vegetables. Avocado oil, with its rich texture and delicate taste, is also a choice for salads such as arugula and avocado.

    In Asian cuisine:

    Sesame oil is a must. Its distinctive aroma adds depth of flavor to dishes, making it perfect for stir-fry tofu vegetables or Chinese noodle salad.

    For cooked and cooking dishes:

    the Clarified butter, or ghee, is a rich and delicious alternative to olive oil. It can be used for frying, roasting and braising, providing a depth of flavor that few other fats can match.