What challenge will you pose to the candidates?


    Jessica Prealpatto is the guest chef of Meilleur Pâtissier on Wednesday 13 September on the M6. Who is she ? Above all, what challenge will you pose to the candidates?

    Jessica Prealpatto She is one of the most respected pastry chefs of her generation. A person who has been in office for a long time Plaza Athens side by sideAlain Ducasse And Roman Meder, today she is anticipating tea time at the hotel Carlton Tower in London. This Wednesday, September 13, cessica Préalpato will be the guest of the best pastry chef on M6. The young woman will ask the candidates to make a cake representing their favorite pet. Who will you give your first crush of the season? Answer Wednesday from 9:10 p.m.

    Biography: Access to the world of stars

    Originally from Mont-de-Marsan, Jessica grew up with her parents who were pastry chefs and was therefore immersed in the experience. Sweet universe More than a year ago Beautiful childhood. After starting to study psychology, she switched her studies towards cooking and pursued training BTS at Biarritz Hotel High School. From that moment on, she crossed her path with leading French chefs, with whom she learned her skills and specialized pastries.

    Biography of Jessica Prealpatto
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    First practice cooking with the chef Philip Lappé At the Chèvre d’or in Eze, then she worked in Saint-Émilion with Philip Achebest For Hostellerie de Plaisance. Then, I discovered pastries with… Eberbor brothers In Bidart, before working in 39V side by side Frederic Vardon. Along with him, I learned a lot and started to combine cooking and baking.

    She was then, for two years, vice president Park Hyatt Before the meetingAlain DucasseWhich represented a turning point in his career. In 2015, after only a few minutes of the interview, she joined her Parisian restaurant Plaza Athens As a pastry chef she became known for her innovative creations.

    Pastry chef from a prestigious institution

    Known for her original, gourmet and natural desserts, she is also one of the rare women running a three-star restaurant. At just 29 years old, she joined the kitchen at Plaza Athénée under the chef Roman MederShe quickly imposed her signature and succeeded in making a name for herself. It is precisely his audacity and simplicity that led him to obtain a title Best pastry chefs in the world 2019 According to the world’s top 50 rankings restaurant. An internationally recognized award supports its natural approach. Today and since 2022, Jessica Prealpatto collaborates with the Carlton Tower Jumeirah Hotel in London. Although the pastry chef is still part of the Ducasse Paris group, she now works alongside Jérôme Perrodeau as a consultant. I created a new afternoon tea there. Jessica Prealpatto also envisions a Parisian boutique project.

    Natural kitchen

    Making desserts that are natural, environmentally friendly and without added sugar is Jessica Prealpatto’s challenge. In line with Alain Ducasse, she prefers it Valuation of raw products Avoid sugar to find more authenticity in your sweets. This is the concept that we discover in his book “Modernity” Published by Alain Ducasse, it presents 45 unique, out-of-the-ordinary creations. “This work is a major milestone in thinking about a career for pastry chef Jessica He cheerfully disrupts rules and customs. She takes the idea seriously Cooked dessert Like a chef, she does not hesitate to trust her senses in judging the good cooking of a particular preparation or the correct proportion of a particular ingredient. “It’s more than just a technical attitude: it’s the logical outcome of respect for the product.” comments Alain Ducasse About his work.

    Trained above all as a cook, she works with her pastries as she does with savory dishes. She enhances her recipes with Salt flowerl beeror even Soy milk. When it comes to cooking, same battle! The young chef gets creative by preparing desserts on the grill, on the grill, or even on a griddle. Her own method allows her to break the rules of traditional French pastry and enter the very distinguished circle of great pastry chefs.

    Recipes with authentic flavours

    In order to follow this natural concept, she first had to get rid of her old habits. Step out of Paris-Brest, Saint-Honoré or the other classics we’re used to. Pastry chefs provide Amazing desserts Such as dried strawberry tart, dried nettle bread, nettle cream, or even Grilled peaches and sweet clover.

    On the menu at Plaza Athénée we discover, among others, peanuts from the Hautes-Pyrénées, Fontainebleau with soy milk, caramel (above) or rhubarb From the little Trianon to the natural elderberry Delicate gel. Delicious and natural sweets and assortments that reflect their authenticity. At Carlton Tower Jumeirah’s afternoon tea, I also envisioned finger sandwiches transformed into mini truffle croissants or a variety of pastries that respected seasonality. The hardest part for us will be choosing!