What cheese should be used in a successful cheesecake?


    Want to make the perfect cheesecake? Learn how to choose the key ingredient for your recipe: fresh cheese.

    If we take it literally, “cheesecake.” It is simply cheesecake. But then, which cheese is better? If we agree to choose A Cream cheese And white ones, should we choose those that have a clear taste or, on the contrary, those whose consistency alone is sufficient? Follow the guide to make the right decision!

    How do you choose the right cheese for your cheesecake?

    Philadelphia, ricotta, heavy cream…It seems like every cheesecake recipe has a cheesecake to match. However, with basic preparation, it turns out that one cheese is better than others for preparing this sweet (or salty!) delight.

    Traditionally, This North American cake is made from Philadelphia. Its creamy texture may bring to mind a new Gervais square or even Saint-Mauret. However, the result will not be the same if you change the type of cheese without changing the recipe. In reality, If you don’t have Philadelphia on handMany recipes suggest using it the Mascarpone Or ricotta. If you use St. Moret cheese, be careful, this cheese is a bit saltier. For your sweet sandwiches, Avoid using Feta cheese Because this sheep cheese is a little too strong for the traditional recipe. Finally, if you have some in the fridge, Kerry can do the trick very well. However, it may be more complicated to mix into your lotion due to its thicker consistency.

    he Its use is not recommended White cheese. Even if this solution is cost-effective, the result may not live up to your expectations: the cheesecake probably will Slightly soaked because the white cheese will make whey. So it is possible for you Check the crispiness of the cake They form the foundation of your creation.