What do you do if the restaurant owner rejects them, and does he have the right to do so?


    Today, more and more restaurateurs are rejecting restaurant vouchers, we explain why and how to respond to this situation.

    We do not take restaurant vouchers“, the restaurant owner replied to you when you handed him your ticket this afternoon. You were a little surprised, and paid with a credit card, asking… What you would be able to do with your meal vouchers If all your usual addresses start rejecting them!

    Why are more and more organizations rejecting meal vouchers?

    In France, approximately 10% of restaurant vouchers go unused, representing a loss of €700,000.“, recalls the Boursorama website. The reason is increasingly frequent rejection, especially from Restaurants Who complains? Increase in exporters’ commissions (now set at up to 5%) and very long repayment periods. For example, if a restaurant owner earns €100 in restaurant vouchers, he will only receive €95 after about a month! Added to this is Administrative burden of procedures To get compensation… There are several reasons why the complete cancellation of restaurant vouchers is planned for 2026.

    But then, what do you do with unused meal vouchers?

    Although rejection is frustrating, know that restaurants Meal vouchers are not required to be accepted ! Each institution is free to accept or reject the payment method. This is whether it is a bank card, checks, or restaurant vouchers (paper or electronic). No need to protest, So. Best is to keep your shopping vouchers at supermarkets or local stores that continue to accept paper format (bakeries, Cold meats, caterers, etc.), provided that you do not exceed the maximum of €25 per day. Even in spite of everything You still have meal vouchers on handYou can Try to get their money back By informing the employer in writing. Unfortunately, you will only be able to get a 40-50% refund:The employer’s due share is lost, and he is not given the right to compensation from the salary“, explained Sandra Galeso, legal expert in social management on TF1.