What happens to the leftovers of the best pastry chefs?


    If there’s one place where delicious desserts are created, it’s at the best pastry chefs! But what happens to the pastries once the ordeal is over? We have the answer.

    While watching the show, we often say to ourselves… we’d love a piece of it! in Best pastry chefs On M6, There is no shortage of deliciousness! But then, once The jury got a taste of the creations and what happens to them ? Have they been eliminated? We asked those behind the scenes of the competition…and here is the answer!

    Do leftover cakes get thrown away by the best pastry chefs?

    With nearly three months of filming and sometimes multiple tests a day, as you can imagine, Mercut And Cyril Legnac does not completely eat up the creativity of the candidates. The jury can You’ll enjoy up to 24 cakes per day. That’s a lot ! But once you finish tasting them, cake It is not disposed of. As we would all like… for others to take charge by enjoying tempting creations.

    Who eats the leftovers of creatures?

    During the first test, this is it 16 candidates who collide. Needless to say, he makes cakes! First, candidates taste or re-taste the cakes with consideration comments Mercut W Cyril Legnac. Then once the cameras are turned off, “Cake AIt is played during meals provided for the technical teams. All the cakes that Cyril and Mircot tasted were provided to them, and are the desserts for the meals served to the teams. a One hundred people working behind the scenes“, explains Jeremy Atlan, Director of Entertainment at BBC Studios, one of the show’s producers.