What is fonio flour, the ingredient grandson uses at Le Meilleur Pâtissier?


    In the first episode of Best Pastry Chef, a nominee used Fonio flour to make beautiful and very light pies. But what exactly is it?

    This Wednesday, September 6, M6 broadcasted the first episode of the program Season 12 of Best Pastry Chefs. In doing so, viewers were able to discover one of the most promising candidates for this edition, namely grandson. Originally from Benin, this amateur pastry chef never ceases to surprise us with ingredients not even Cyril and Mercote know. This is particularly the case Fonio, a gluten-free grain from Africa, Which my grandson used to make very light pancakes. But what is fonio? And how to use it in the kitchen. the answers.

    What are the origins of fonio?

    Drought and wind don’t bother this little bean which has the advantage of growing in any arid land because it requires very little water. Therefore, it is the preferred crop for drought-stricken African regions.

    Fonio is mainly grown in regions of West AfricaEspecially in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Senegal. Far from being a modern grain, it has been recognized for many years as a food with multiple virtues.

    Why do we love fonio?

    This cereal is creating a buzz not only because it’s gluten-free, but also for its other nutritional benefits: It contains more magnesium, fiber and calcium than other grains. Only good for those watching their diet or want to keep the streak to start summer in style! In short, Fonio is our slimming and detoxing ally all year round!

    Before consuming the funio, it must be peeled to remove the top layer that protects it from the elements of weather and makes it very resistant. Like the quinoa And semolina, fonio cooks very quickly thanks to its small size. This cereal can be cooked in the form of couscous Or mix it with other vegetables to get a “deojaThe typical dish of Africa Milk Fonio It is also a delicious breakfast recipe.

    If you like repeat visits, you can very well replace it semolinaQuinoa, bulgur, and other grains are among your favorite dishes with fonio! in the list? Freshness, lightness and delicacy! These cereals will surely surprise and delight your guests.

    Where can you find it and how much does it cost?

    Fonio is usually found in organic produce stores. Its price is often high due to its production and the cost of transporting it to other continents. Cooking Fonio means discovering West Africa in a few moments! So, shall we tie our aprons?