What is meat made of and how is it cooked?


    It is an essential local product. But actually, what is andulite really? What is the meat made of? How do we taste it, with what accompaniment, and with what cooking? Follow the guide!

    It’s a name that can make you wince. However, andouillette is a product highly regarded by the French. But did you know Its history, origin and what meat it consists of ? In addition to Recipes and preparation tipsWe reveal everything related to this local product. Did you know that many events are organized around this type of meat? We explain everything to you, starting with “AAAAA” diploma. Which is sometimes given to him… So what is it?

    The history and characteristics of the andouillette

    Andouillette appears to have been born in The end of the Middle Ages. Originally, it referred to small sausages, which were described as a charcuterie recipe made with casings into which other casings are inserted. It was a mixture of hurryPork, beef, egg yolk…

    Today, the andouillette is defined as the charcuterie symbol Cooked charcuterie made with pork casings and stomachs. It looks a bit like a large sausage (about 10 to 15 cm long) and can only be made with pork (Andouilette of Troyes, Gargou, Burgundy, Provençal, Périgord) or with a mixture of pork and veal (Andouilette Lyonnaise, Rouenise).

    But whatever the region of origin, a real andouillet should contain, in addition to the meat, only salt, seasonings, herbs and spices. No other ingredients or additives are allowed. Once the ingredients (choudin, tripe, and small intestine) are mixed in, the andouillet are cooked in broth and optionally topped with cheese. Bread crumbs or lard.

    Why is andeloite called by this name?

    The name “andouillette” comes from “andouille,” a word derived directly from the Latin term “inductila.” this means “All that can be given”. The word “induction” refers to anything that is put into a hose. In the Middle Ages, this was sausage pork. Over time, however, the term has evolved to refer more to andoelite. However, be careful Don’t confuse andouille and andouillette. As mentioned location According to the Department of Agriculture, the endoy is smaller and never smoked, unlike the endoy.

    Andouillet calories and nutrition facts

    Although it falls into a category cold cutssausage is Reasonable calories (227 kcal per 100 grams) and contains less fat than other meat products such as sausages!

    It’s an interesting resource proteinWhich contain all the essential amino acids for the body, which are involved in the production, maintenance and renewal of cells and are responsible for the health of our muscles. its contents Fats (about 16g per 100g) is acceptable, even if it is made up in part of saturated fatty acids, which are not very beneficial for the cardiovascular system if consumed in excess. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid adding fats during cooking. There is, too B group vitaminsBeside ironAnd potassium, selenium and calcium.

    The nutritional value of andoulite per 100 grams
    proteins 18.8 grams
    carbohydrates 1 gram
    Fats 16 grams
    Calories 220 calories
    > More information about and calories

    If the andouillette does not benefit from any AOC or AOP, it is best to choose an artisan product and do not hesitate to ask the butcher about the composition of the product. Trust the nomenclature (“pure ham”, the original “andouillet” from Troyes, Lyon, etc.), the best thing is to choose a type anduillite 5a. A real guarantee of quality, this label is given byThe friendly association of pure Andouillette fans Which brings together professionals from the food trade and tableware. Every year, it awards diplomas to the best artisans and sausage makers and generally rewards soft and low-fat sausages.

    Andouillette should be eaten fairly quickly after purchase and can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0°C and +4°C. She can too To be vacuum cleaned (which extends their shelf life) or frozen for several months. If you buy it packaged Reliance on registered DLC on the package. After being cooked, it should be eaten within 48 hours.

    Sausages must necessarily be cooked. Recipes abound! Traditionally, it is served simply grilledas is or with mustardServed with fries. It is also excellent with Braised cabbageOr lentils, or celery puree, or fried chanterelles, or just a green salad. Cooking on the grill reveals all of their flavors, keeping them crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a delicious smoky taste to the meat. number 15 to 20 minutes of cooking. You can too minority (5 minutes over high heat, then about 20 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally) OR cook it, Reducing shallots and white wine.

    Andouillette can also be roasted in the oven on its own or on a bed of shallots. Try there Low temperature cooking (about 110°C), it will have an incomparable softness! If you like sweet and savory flavors, prepare it as a puff pastry, alternating with apple or pear. And if you have anything left, don’t hesitate We serve it cold, cut into slices It is accompanied by lentils or lamb lettuce.

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