What is the difference between biscuit and cake? The answer will surprise you


    Cookies and cakes are the terms of our daily life. But do you really know what distinguishes these two words? Is it a matter of size, texture and recipe… we’ll tell you why.

    Is a biscuit a cake? How do you differentiate between biscuits and cakes? There are a lot of questions that, when you think about it, aren’t quite so obvious. So let’s look at their responses… if we take The official definition he gave robert, The biscuit will simply be a ‘dry cake’. So, when looking at a cookie, is it enough to look at the texture? Not real…

    All you have to do is look at the definition given by a dictionary Larousse, it’s actually more complicated. According to this source, a cookie has several definitions. Maybe Lightly leavened flour pie or pastry can “After cooking, it retains its qualities for a while.” More easily, just look at supermarkets. In large supermarkets, madeleines are generally not placed next to Breton shortbread. Here lies the difference between biscuits and cakes.

    To understand better, we have to look at the root of the word. Biscuits simply come from “Biscuits.” in latin, “Pace” Means “two”, That means itEtymologically, biscuits are baked twice. Today, on a larger scale, these are dry cakes made from flour, sugar and eggs. You will tell me that some cakes also have this base. The problem here: A cookie is actually also a cake. In fact, the term “cake” refers to all pastries in general. The cake is a brownie, flan, tart, or pound cake all in one. The cookies will be lace crepes, bedrooms, palm trees or cookies. Sweet creations that tend to keep well. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, there is a simple technique: Cakes usually need a mold When cooking. there where Instead, the cookies are placed directly on the baking sheet.

    Be careful not to fall into the trap though! according to the Guide Names and uses of French biscuitsmeringue, pretzel, waffle and macaron These are cookies. Conversely, choux, financiers and sponge cakes are cakes.