What is the difference between frozen and frozen?


    While shopping, it’s impossible to miss the frozen food section. But then, can we say that these products are frozen? What is the difference between freezing and deep freezing? We explain

    It’s common to talk about “frozen produce” thoughWe store these products… in the refrigerator. So what is the difference between deep freeze and deep freeze? The answer is worth the detour! because It’s all about the temperature. And when it comes to storage, temperature is key.

    to Distinguish between frozen product and frozen productSo you have to look at the temperature at which these foods were cooled. there Freezing is much more powerful and, above all, fast. It makes it possible to reach very low temperatures in the core of the product, in a short time. This allows for very efficient cooling. there Freezing is slower and the degrees reached are lower.

    As you will understand, freezing and deep freezing are completely different. Products purchased in the supermarket in the cooler section of the store are frozen. But when you put the leftover meat you bought in the fresh section of the freezer, it isfrozen product. Freezing allows you to keep food for several months in the freezer at a constant temperatureabout -18°C. It is still better to put it frozen food Because with only fresh produce, ice crystals can form due to the temperature of the product It is gradually reduced. It can alter the texture and taste.

    to freeze food, Temperatures should reach approximately -50°C. This is then allowed Store the product at -18°C in the freezer. Freezing makes it possible to better preserve the nutritional values ​​of food when the process takes place as soon as possible after harvesting, for example for fruits and vegetables. freeze It also prevents the reproduction of some bacteria.