What is this tip for always getting the perfect pizza order?


    Do you know Johnny Depp’s technique for ordering pizza? It’s easy and works every time!

    Even if you love cooking, there are days when your heart is not in it and you give in to the urge Request a voucher for fast food. But sometimes the arrangement is disappointing. In fact, she may have been poorly prepared or even poorly handled during the trip. But that was before! Johnny Depp’s technology will change everything!

    What is Johnny Depp’s technique?

    Looks like we’re not the only ones disappointed with our orders. The truth is that our American neighbors are also paying the price. Frustrated and tired, @HauntedBeauty He posted a video on TikTok where he says Always give the star’s name when ordering So it is prepared with care and love. “Every time I order a pizza, the order is executed randomly. So now I always order a pizza by mentioning the name of a celebrity. Today I gave Johnny Depp’s name. Let’s see how the order is prepared,” he said. He explains. The suspense is at its peak.

    Does Johnny Depp’s technique work?

    The answer is yes! The trick works great. In fact, the TikToker comments on the video: “They gave me free sauce” Before adding “Here’s the chicken Alfredo. They (…) never put enough sauce and too little chicken. It’s my kids’ favorite dish. Oh, I can’t even see the bottom of the plate There are a lot of chickens.” Good news for children! But does the same observation apply to ordering pizza? “They didn’t just put the topping on one side. This pizza looks really good.” It can be heard at the end of the video. “Thank you, Johnny Depp. Thank you. We’ll eat well tonight.” He finishes.

    Now you know the trick to making sure the dishes you order are always well prepared and your pizza is always well presented. All you have to do is choose the name of the celebrity you want to borrow. Anyway, you can always try!