When reheated in the microwave, these foods become veritable toxins


    Are you preparing your Tupperware® for lunch tomorrow at the office? Please note that if you plan to reheat your meal in the cafeteria, be aware that some foods do not tolerate being microwaved. Why is this method of cooking or reheating sometimes not recommended? What ingredients are included and what are the risks to your health? We tell you everything.

    There are many good reasons not to cook every meal 100% fresh. Lack of time, inconvenient location, desire to take it easy… it’s completely understandable! However, unlike to cook In a frying pan or in the oven, when you reheat a dish in the microwave, some areas are heated well, while other areas remain cold. So cooking in the microwave is not Heterogeneous, Which can promote the development of bacteria. Experts warn of the nutritional risks caused by this practice, which could go away From bloating to food poisoning. An overview of foods that are best not to put in the microwave

    For them, there is no second chance

    • The rest is yours A chick BBQ looks a little pink to you? Finishing cooking in the microwave is not the best option. Because the microwave does not cook evenly, it will not kill potential bacteria on meat, including… Salmonella. These bacteria found in poultry liver can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The rule to protect yourself from this: Cook your chicken completely Using a traditional cooking method, such as an oven.
    • As surprising as it may seem, Potatoes It doesn’t get warm either. This starchy, rich food is one of the French’s favorite side dishes. But once reheated, it loses all its nutrients and can become more difficult to digest, or even toxic. Favor them Potato saladsAnd it’s just as good.
    • It is also not recommended to heat it Hard-boiled eggs In the microwave. This time it poses a risk to your skin and ears. Amazing, isn’t it? However, according to a 2017 study published in Teach daily, The radiation released could cause the egg to swell to the point of potentially exploding if a thorn gets stuck in it. In addition to causing major burns, the noise of the explosion is similar to the sound of an airplane taking off less than 500 meters away from you. in generalreheat egg It is not recommended to microwave them (regardless of their initial cooking) as this reheating method makes them More difficult to digest.

    They are not completely prohibited

    As for the following, it mainly depends on your metabolism. We don’t digest all foods the same way.

    • It remains the most famous rice. Reheating this food in the microwave can cause stomach problems due to bacteria Bacillus cereus bacteria Found in grains such as rice. In reality, According to researchers at the University of CambridgeIf you do Cool your rice long time at room temperature Before putting them in the refrigerator, bacteria multiply in these poorly preserved grains. a result ? You risk food poisoning.
    • the Mushrooms from Paris It can heat up, but under certain conditions. For example, it cannot be kept for more than two days after preparation. Obviously they lose a little of their flavour, both in sauce Forests or with fresh cream Above all, you risk poor digestion.

    Maybe you always reheated these foods the next day and never felt anything? It is possible and normal. Not everyone has the same metabolism, and prevention is better than cure! The most important thing is therefore Respect the cold chainThis is done by not letting your food cool in the open air for a long time. For some of them, it is better not to reheat them to avoid any unpleasant surprises (and they are very good, even cold…!).