When should I pre-bake my pie crust?


    For quiche, a fruit or vegetable tart, there’s a question: Should you cook the dough before adding the ingredients? Response items!

    Yes, poke it, but cook it…we don’t always know! When it comes to baking a pie, whether Salty or sweetWe know you have to use a fork to pierce it and prevent it from puffing up while cooking. But once this is done, Do you have to cook the dough in advance? Or is it better to fill it directly with the device, ingredients, or lotion? How can you avoid getting overcooked and dry dough or too soft and wet dough?

    How much advance should you cook it?

    It’s very difficult to know when it’s best to precook pie crust. The proof is: recipes rarely state that the dough should be cooked before adding the ingredients. However, it’s very simple: The pie crust should be completely pre-cooked when the ingredients to be added to it do not require cooking or The fruit on it must remain fresh And don’t cook. Example of a strawberry or lemon tart: It is recommended to cook the dough in advance. The reason is simple: Maybe you don’t want to make a lemon tart or pastry cream.

    For other fruits, it is up to you to judge whether they give juice or not. with For peach pies for example, it is highly recommended to cook the dough blind for the first time. This will prevent the raw dough from soaking in the fruit juice.

    For some Preparations such as quiche, it is also recommended to cook the dough blind. This prevents this by adding the liquid mixture, The dough takes in moisture and is moist. To do this, simply bake it for 10 minutes at 180°C. Make sure you don’t forget itAdd the ballot paper to the dough. Full details are available below. And you can keep it more crispy Add egg whites After the first cooking then put it in the oven again for a few minutes. The egg will form a protective layer.

    When should you not cook it in advance?

    It is not particularly useful for Precook the pie crust when the fruit placed on it no longer releases any juice. For apples, for example, it is not necessary to pre-cook the dough. This is also not recommended, as the result can be too dry when double cooking. And if you want to make a peach or plum tart, for example, but don’t have time to cook the dough in advance, be sure to Add dry food to your pie maker. For example, almond powder may be suitable to prevent the dough from getting soggy.