Where do Best Pastry Chef nominees rate?


    After completing the exams, where do the Best Pastry Chef nominees go? Can they go home? We reveal where they lived while filming the competition.

    Best pastry chefs east Broadcasting since 2012. This is what makes them candidates! Every year, about a dozen amateur pastry chefs gather under the tent and compete mercilessly to determine who will be the “Best Pastry Chef.” After baking all day Where the competition participants sleep ? They live in the castleOffer code? We take you behind the scenes of the program “Best Pastry Chef”… Find out more about the secrets of the show!

    Where do Best Pastry Chef nominees sleep?

    Each season, the famous show is filmed on the grounds of a French castle. Since the second season, the show has been set in the garden of the Château de Goussay in Montfort-l’Amaury in Yvelines. During the first season, as well as in the 2022 and 2023 editions, the tent was set up In the garden “Chateau de Neuville, in Gambies, in Yvelines”, explains Jeremy Atlan, Entertainment Director at BBC Studios, one of the producers of the competition. “Candidates They stay in a hotel next to the tent. They don’t sleep with the teams, and this avoids leaks with the technicians or the jury, off-camera. At the weekend, they can go home but more often than not, they prefer to stay in their bubble, competing.”

    A nanny looks after the candidates at their residence

    Once the shooting day is over, the candidates are immediately transferred to their hotel, where they rest. On site they are looked after by “nannies”. Yes, production never leaves them alone. This person takes great care of them, playing matchmaker between the candidates and the show’s producers. If they have any request, they are responsible for conveying it correctly. She also makes sure that the candidates are ready in the morning for their departure to the castle. The goal is that “Candidates just have to think about their competitors,” Jeremy Atlan identifies. “Nanny’s help with logistics, but they also have the role of psychologists.” Holy guardian angel!

    Where do Cyril Lignac and Mercot live?

    The stars of the show are not housed near the castle but always inside. Each of them has a bedroom. Mercut You will benefit from a wonderful view of the garden. The star pastry chef also has a very special routine. While filming The Best Pastry Chef, she wakes up very early in the morning to walk a few kilometres.