Who is the best pastry chef guest?


    Julien Dugord is this week’s guest chef at Le Meilleur Pâtissier. Who is this ? What challenge will it pose to the candidates?

    The new chef will be the guest Best pastry chefs This Wednesday 22 November on the M6. that it julian Dugard, Who will go to Disneyland Paris with the candidates to take a colorful creativity test! But do you know Julien Dujord, his career and, above all, his education? Where to taste their pastries ? Without further delay discover the biography of this talented pastry chef.

    Biography of Julian Dujord

    Julien Dugord is a Vogue pastry chef. He quickly discovered his passion for the art of cooking and trained with distinguished chefs such as Mark Ferrat to L’Auberge de L’Ridan And My father’s farmFirst in cooking, then in baking. The young man continues his tour in France by performing his duties Jean-Georges Klein In Alsace under the command of Christelle Broabefore assuming his dutiesParis hotel In Monaco with Pierre Foucher, then in Louis XV By Alain Ducasse. Then Julian Dujourd joins Christoph Michalak in Plaza Athena.

    Where to discover Julien Dugord pastries?

    Since 2010, Julien Dujord has been at the helm of the sweet part of Golden goat In EZ (2 stars Michelin guide), which he left at the end of 2022. He also led several pastry workshops for Valrhona and schools Alain Ducasse. Julien Dugord also distinguished himself through his regular collaboration with the Princely Palace of Monaco. It is therefore part of a very closed circle Chefs Club Chefs.

    In 2021, his career took an important turning point as he signed a partnership with the perfume house Christian Dior He signs off on creating a small cake that includes the Vanilla Diorama perfume symbols. Julien Dujourd also had the honor of presenting this creation during the Cannes Film Festival and also during the Grand Ceremony of the Legion of Honor in Paris in November 2021. In the spring of 2023, it will be possible to discover the creations of Julien Dujourd in an accessible way. since The pastry chef will open his first store in Nice.

    Julien Dugord is one of the most distinguished pastry chefs of his generation. While working in Golden goat Or even for dior, He was distinguished by Pastries with an elegant, contemporary and colorful design. Its desserts are light and not too sweet, while combining deliciousness and variety in texture, between crunchy, soft and crunchy, but also varying in heat.

    What are Julien Dugord’s emblematic recipes?

    Julian Dugord is obsessed with fruit! If his signature dessert is lemon in trompe l’oeil, Which the chef is constantly improving, he has also created a dessert based on cooked and raw pears or even old-fashioned apple pavlova. In 2021, the pastry chef created a mini cake in collaboration with Dior, using perfume codes Vanilla diorama. It is made with vanilla, cocoa beans, organic orange and white chocolate.

    What is Julian Dujord’s Instagram account?

    Julien Dujord is very popular on social networks. We quickly understand why! His news feed @julien.dugourd Filled with images, each one more seductive than the last, with graphic and colorful pastries often presented facing the Mediterranean. The pastry chef also shares some photos with different personalities like Philip AchebestBut also Gad Elmaleh and Didier Deschamps.