Who is the best pastry chef guest?


    Sébastien Bouillet is the guest of this week’s Best Pastry Chef dedicated to the United States. Here is his journey and above all where you can buy his pastries.

    The new chef is a guest Best pastry chefs This Wednesday, November 15th. For this week dedicated to the United States, Sebastien Bouyer It will be set with Mercot, Cyril Lignac, and Mary Portolano. It will be her job to appoint her Favorite during the creative test which will consist of Create a trompe-l’oeil that represents a Western element. Who would Sebastien Poyet prefer? While you’re waiting to find out, find out Personal Biography less.

    How old is Sebastien Poyet? His biography

    Sebastien Bouyer Born in September 3, 1976 in Lyon. The following year, his parents, Henry and Ginette, opened the school Bouillette pastries In the Croix-Rousse area. So, in this beautiful universe, where quality and tradition are the key words, the young boy develops, before immersing himself fully in it in 1992, starting an apprenticeship with Dominique Marollier, still in Lyon. Sebastien Boyer will continue his adventure in… Val d’Isère, with the famous pastry chef and baker Millor Ouvrier de France Patrick Chevalot, Then in Aix-en-Provence with Philippe Second (MOF), before joining Gérard Mollot in Paris.

    Where to find Sébastien Bouillet stores?

    Based on these first experiences, Sébastien Bouillet takes over the management of the company founded by his parents Since 2000, without failing to pay tribute to them. “I owe my parents my taste for fine things, the desire to please and share, the courage to never give up, and the importance of questioning myself every day…they are the foundation of the pastry chef I am today. ..”, trust. Since then, the company has expanded and is owned by Sébastien Bouillet Twelve stores in Lyon and its area (Meribel, CharbonnierEtc…) including one The corner in the famous Halle Paul Bocuseas Two in Japan, in Tokyo and Osaka. From Japan, Sebastian brought his techniques but also the taste for “acidity, sweet, sour and bitter” and the art of displaying his creations. The chocolatier and pastry chef is also part of the International Relais Desserts Association and Toque Blanche Lyonnaise. In October 2022, Sébastien Poyet wins an award Best Pastry Chef of the Year Award, During the 14th edition of the Gastronomy and Wine Awards, organized by Le Progrès in collaboration with the Toques Blanches Lyonnaises association.

    What kind of pastries does Sébastien Poyet serve?

    But what makes Sebastien Bouyer one of Chefs The most famous pastry chefs in Lyon? If its name symbolizes the city’s sweet world, its pastries are distinguished by their exquisite aesthetics and frank taste, oscillating between acidity and bitterness, but also freshness and lightness. Among his stellar creations we find Saint Ho! With caramel and vanilla, but also Papa to papathere Lemon pie And tiramisu, great classics revisited with bouillon sauce. The pastry chef sometimes thinks outside the box, as is the case with Dulce’s passionate tart and creativity Lyon Tokyo A blend of crunchy almonds and red praline with creamy yuzu and grapefruit slices.

    His private life and his Instagram account

    Very discreet about it Private lifeSébastien Bouillet prefers to share on Instagram @bouillet_lyon_tokyo Photos of his pastry creations, but also moments from his life spent with other professionals, such as his old friend Christoph MichalakOr the events he attends all over France and sometimes abroad.