Who is the guest chef in the Best Pastry Chef competition?


    Maxence Barbot is the guest of Best Pastry Chef on Wednesday, October 11. What is his background? Where can you discover his creativity? the answers.

    This Wednesday, October 11 is my candidate Best pastry chefs You will be surprised and welcomed Maxence Barbot. Pastry chef Shangri-La He will actually give them some tips to perfectly reproduce the flavor of chocolate, the signature dessert served in the Parisian palace. But who is Maxence Barbot? What is his background and what are his symbolic pastries? the answers.

    Biography of excellence

    Maxence Barbot is a pastry chef of Breton origin. After graduating from the Hotel School Saint-Thérèse in La Guerche-de-Bretagne, the young man received the Medal of Excellence at the London Professional Olympiad, before that He became Vice-Champion of France for dessert In 2013.

    Then Maxence Barbot began his career in George V, head of the party For two hotel restaurants, before continuing on to La Baule at Relais Desserts. Then the young man returned to George V with him David Bizet As a junior pastry chef to open the Orangerie. He will then go on to work at Plaza Athénée with Chef Angelo Musa for three years, before succeeding Michael Bartosetti as pastry chef at Shangri-La in 2019.

    Where to find Maxence Barbot pastries?

    Since 2019, Maxence Barbot has been working as pastry chef at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris. “Today, with my past experiences, creativity and passion, I start full of enthusiasm and energy inside this beautiful home that is Shangri-La Hotel Paris, together with Executive Chef Christophe Mouret. “, he announced when he took office. The pastry chef in particular serves A The tea time that makes everyone in Paris drool !

    What are its main recipes?

    Maxence Barbot’s emblematic recipes are numerous indeed. Among them we will remember him Paris Sicilypresented in the form A Paris Brest with pistachio, Sublime Parisian pieHa Vanilla and caramel millefeuille Extra fluffy and crunchy, or fruit tarts full of freshness and lightness.

    What is Maxence Barbot’s Instagram?

    Are you a lover of sweets? Go follow the account without further delay Instagram By Maxence Barbot, who regularly posts photos of his latest pastry creations to his 130,000+ subscribers! The young man also reveals his talents in making bread and pastries, which she adores.