Who left the competition in the first week?


    Season 12 of Best Pastry Chef has started, and two of the nominees have already left the competition. Discover their identity and the summary of the evening.

    This new season of Best pastry chef It starts on the wheel caps! Wednesday, September 6, saw the launch of the twelfth edition, which he is still chairing Cyril W Merkutand managed it Mary Portolano. This year, the sixteen amateur pastry chefs participating in the race will have the task of sublimating the favorite desserts of the French.

    In the first test of the evening, half of the candidates had to do so Submit their version of Fudge. grandson Particularly satisfied with the rolled waffle funio Flour, A grain from West Africa that is less fatty than wheat and above all gluten-free. “After twelve years we can still be surprised”, Merkut rejoiced, while Cyril thanked the candidate for this “beautiful discovery”. So my grandson logically qualifies for the next week, just like Julia, Emily, Ahmed, Bertrand and Christelle. Ninon and Richard had to compete in the second race to try and save their skins.

    In the second round, eight other amateur pastry chefs had to submit a The original version of the candy appleBoth in taste and in appearance. In this group it is Thibaut Who quit the game thanks Apple trompe l’oeil dessert with whipped caramel ganache, caramel apple and chocolate. “It’s well cooked, it smells good and it’s very well cooked,” noted Cyril and Mercote. The young man qualifies at his side Khaireddine, Fanny, Monique, Clemens and DavidWhile Chantal and Lilo join Ninon and Richard for the final exam.

    As a final challenge, the four candidates who received exemptions had to do so Bake a fairground themed cake. “I want to be 10 years old,” he warned. Cyril Legnac. The pastry chefs eligible for the rest of the competition are finally Ninon, who made a wonderfully large wheel of chocolate with flavors of hazelnut and orange, but also Chantal, who presented an airy and light Japanese pool table with lychee. Richard and Lilo Unfortunately Eliminate them in the first week. Will they return to competition thanks to Mercotte’s parallel competition? See you in a few weeks to find out.

    What’s new in Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef?

    If Cyril and Merkut were still masters of ceremonies Best pastry chef next to Mary Portolano, Candidates should be surprised by the many novelties in this Season 12. the Cyril Challenge He changes his formula a bit to get back to basics. So the chef called the French to ask them what they had Favorite candy. Lemon tart, tiramisu, pies… week after week, amateur pastry chefs will have to revisit simple everyday desserts to convince Cyril and Mircote that they deserve their place in the competition.

    Mercotte’s technical test has also been slightly modified and… Sudden technical test ! Each week, Mercotte will ask candidates to take on a different challenge, sometimes without a recipe, just for tasting, or even after following a master class or a little tip from a great pastry chef. “They will offer simple tricks that viewers will definitely want to repeat at home.” M6 guarantees. for the first time, Mercotte will also assist and provide master classes to candidates To reproduce a recipe from his famous book. Another surprise: Muhammad, the season 10 avatar nominee, will also be present for the “Trick-or-Treat” theme.Eye.

    for creative testThe concept remains the same, however heads Regular guests of the show such as Christophe Michalak or Pierre Hermé, but also some new faces such as Jade Genen. “This event will have its share of emotions, great achievements but also disasters,” M6 sums up.

    Also, for the first time, the candidates will leave the traditional venue of the tent to perform outdoor Event, In the Disneyland Magic Park in Paris ! Finally, the parallel Mercotte competition will also return and will allow the eliminated candidate to return to the official competition later.

    Who are the nominees for Best Pastry Chef 2023?

    this year, 16 amateur pastry chefs They are on the starting line. Lilo, Khair El Din, Richard, Ninon, Hafidou… Get to know the new candidates who will make you happy during the weeks:

    Who constitutes the jury for the best pastry chef?

    As usual, Cyril and Merkut The jury members for this season will be 12 of the best pastry chefs. And of course they will be supported by many famous pastry chefs such as Pierre Herméand Christophe Michalak and Jade Genen.

    Who offers the best pastry chef?

    After proving himself during the first two seasons with the amateurs and then with the professionals, Mary Portolano He is back for Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef. The hostess must still please us with her humor and good sense of humor. However, this would be his last season.

    Who are the winners of the Best Pastry Chef Award?

    For 11 years, you can imagine that a large number of nominees have already won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the more nostalgic among you, we’ve prepared it List of winners Best pastry chef since season one.

    Where can I find the best pastry chef remodel?

    M6 channel and its service 6play It allows you to watch a missed episode even several weeks after the broadcast. This will give you time to take notes and become a skilled baker too.