Who was eliminated on Wednesday, October 11?


    This chocolate week, the candidates received a visit from Maxence Barbot and Jade Genin. Who fooled the jury? Who was eliminated?

    Candidates still in the race met for a week dedicated to chocolate. During the first test, amateur pastry chefs had to do this Coulant chocolate revisited. “It’s one of my favorite desserts. “No matter what the shape is, I want a dessert that has something flowy…I want it to drip with love,” he joked. Cyril Legnac. For the first time since the start of the competition, Khairuddin won the grand prize thanks to her “extremely successful” chocolate with orange, cinnamon and orange blossom flavours. Tebow also impressed the judges with his “magic” tricks in words Mercut, just like Julie who was seduced by the scent of pear and tonka bean. On the other hand, Fanny and his grandchildren were disappointed with their creations, just like David who presented a delicious dessert that he unfortunately “drowned” under a wave of almost irrelevant custard.

    In the middle of the evening, the candidates had a difficult task: Reproducing the luster of chocolate, the signature dessert of pastry chefs Maxence Barbot. The latter also came to visit them to show them how to finish the picture using a screwdriver. Thibaut excelled once again by taking first place in this event thanks to an amazing achievement that is no less beautiful than the original. He is followed by Ninon and Emily, who also excelled in the event. On the other hand, Chantal came in last place, ahead of Khairuddin and Clemence.

    Finally, for the creative test, candidates had to convince the judges to support who Jade Genin, making an XXL surprise egg. there chef He attributes his favorite to Bertrand, who created a magnificent egg representing the stormy sea, with coconut rocks hiding the berries. “It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, I’m amazed,” Jade Jeanine admitted. Thibaut She was also convinced by the pumpkin and walnut dessert and won a prize Blue apron After “flying” during the week Clemens was eliminated.

    Which nominee for Best Pastry Chef was eliminated?

    Every week, a candidate is eliminated from the list of the best pastry chefs. Here are the identities of the amateur pastry chefs who have already left the adventure:

    • Week 1: Richard and Lilo
    • Week 2 :Christelle
    • Week 3 : Monique
    • Week 4 : Ahmed
    • Week 5 : Clemence

    What’s new in Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef?

    If Cyril and Mercut were still masters of ceremonies Best pastry chefs next to Mary Portolano, Candidates must be surprised by the many new features of this Season 12. the Cyril’s challenge It changes the formula a bit to get back to basics. That is why the commander appealed to the French to ask them what they had Favorite dessert. Lemon tarts, tiramisu, tarts… Week after week, amateur pastry chefs will have to reconsider simple, everyday desserts to convince Cyril and Mercot that they deserve their place in the competition.

    The Mercotte technical test has also been slightly modified and… Surprise technical test ! Each week, Mercotte will ask candidates to take on a different challenge, sometimes without a recipe, or just by taste, or after following a masterclass or little tip revealed by a great pastry chef. “They will offer simple tips that viewers will definitely want to repeat at home.” M6 confirms. for the first time, Mercotte will also participate and provide masterclasses to candidates To reproduce a recipe from his famous book. Another surprise: Mohamed, the symbolic candidate of Season 10, will also be present in the theme of deception.Eye.

    for Creative testthe concept remains the same, with guest chefs familiar with the show such as Krzysztof Michalak or Pierre Hermé, but also some new faces such as Gad Jenin. “This event will have its share of great emotions and achievements but also disasters.” M6 sums up.

    Also, for the first time, the candidates will leave the traditional setting of the tent to create their own external test, In the Disneyland Paris Magic Park ! Finally, the parallel Mercotte competition will also return and will allow the eliminated candidate to return later in the official competition.

    Who are the nominees for the Best Pastry Chef Award 2023?

    this year, 16 amateur pastry chefs They are at the starting line. Lilo, Khairuddin, Richard, Ninon, Hafido… Get to know the new candidates who will delight you over the weeks:

    Who makes up the judging panel for the best pastry chef?

    As usual, Cyril and Mercut The judging panel for this season will be 12 of the best pastry chefs. And of course they will be supported by many famous pastry chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak and Jade Genin.

    Who offers the best pastry chef?

    After proving himself during the first two seasons with amateurs and then with professionals, Mary Portolano He returned for Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef. The hostess still has to please us with her sense of humor and good sense of humor. However, this will be his last season.

    Who are the winners of the Best Pastry Chef Award?

    For 11 years, as you can imagine, a large number of nominees have won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the more nostalgic among you, we’ve put them together List of winners For the best pastry chef since the first season.

    Where can I find Best Pastry Chef Remodeling?

    M6 channel and its service 6play It allows you to watch the missed episode even weeks after it aired. This will give you time to take notes and become a baking expert yourself.