Why are potato chip bags always half empty? No, it’s not a scam


    Every time you open a bag of potato chips, you feel the same disappointment: They’re half empty. Are you tired of paying for air? Our explanations may put things into perspective for you.

    It’s aperitif time! For this occasion, you can grab itBag of chips To savor this moment of pleasure. But surprisingly, when you open it, you find that it is half of it. Empty. However, when I picked it up on the shelf, it was large and well inflated. There is an explanation for this, and if it reassures you: No, you are not fooled!

    Shrinkage, this business process is as legal as it is criticized

    You’ve noticed it when you check out your favorite store: prices are going up and yet the packaging seems more and more empty. Don’t lose your mind: this phenomenon is very real. It’s about “shrinkage“.This consists of Reduce the amount of product Without increasing the price. Some people consider it a scam, but the practice is completely legal. The problem is that this reduction is not clearly indicated on Packaging. In short, consumers really feel cheated.

    at the same time, Plastic waste big. The packaging is sometimes large for a small amount of product. This is the situation YogurtOr some vegetables or ice cream for example. If you don’t have a compass in your eye, it’s hard to see what’s behind the package. Moreover, you must have already felt that unpleasant feeling that you have been deceived Open a bag of potato chipsno ?

    Why do you still need air in a packet of potato chips?

    Do you think your chip packages are victims of shrinkage? Well, no! this is the reason.

    These thin slices of potatoes Potatoes fried in oil It needs air to stay fresh. Without air, they will become mushy and spoil more quickly. Everything we hate about potato chips! This is filled with gas (mainly nitrogen). Approximately 72% of the package. It is actually an ally of your chips because it maintains their freshness by preventing their oxidation and prolongs their shelf life. It is said that without it, the chips’ expiration date would rise from 290 days to just 55 days.

    better :Trapped air In the bag it forms a small pillow. Enough to keep your chips from turning into crumbs!

    From now on, you won’t see your bag of potato chips the same way, right?