Why are some types of pasta sold in nests?


    Some brands sell bird’s nest pasta. Why ? The answer to this puzzle is here!

    While shopping, have you ever noticed it? Some of the noodles are sold in the nests ? Although wrapped in plastic bags like many others, these long pastas turn over on themselves, like birds’ nests. A funny presentation is more practical than you think!

    Creative format or simple marketing?

    When it comes to pasta, consumers have something to satisfy all their cravings. Small or large, long or short, straight or twisted… There is any shape of noodle. On the other hand, displaying them in birds’ nests seems less plausible at first glance. However, this one is very clever.

    First, this spaghetti or tagliatelle has turned on itself Can be placed in all pans. No need to cut the pasta in half to fit in your small pot (which is a disgrace according to Italians!). From now on, you can cook all the long pasta you want at once!

    The other advantage of this offer is that Makes it easy to measure your pasta. While some know exactly how much to put, many end up with too much or not enough on their plate. Problem solved because with these noodles in the nests, it’s much easier to evaluate portions.

    other details: The nests prevent fresh pasta from sticking together. Once in a pot of boiling water, just stir it occasionally. You will see that it is much easier to eat after that.

    Finally, long pasta is not always easy to store. They do not always fit in cupboards or jars, do not hold up, and it often happens that some come out of the package. While with these portions of noodles rolling on themselves the problem is no longer present, even though the package is large, The noodles themselves are easier to store and less likely to break.