Why are Twix bars called that way?


    Have you ever wondered why the popular chocolate-covered chocolate bars are called “Twix”? We give you the explanation!

    There are brand names that are rooted in our communities. Kleenex, Sopalin, Caddy….we don’t even ask ourselves the question of why these brands have such names. though, Sometimes there are explanations. This is particularly the case with Twix. The famous chocolate bars are so named for a reason that may seem obvious to you….

    Our signature caramel bars covered in milk chocolate were Twix It was first marketed in 1967 Not in the US but in the UK. And in many European countries such as Austria, Belgium and France, this delicacy is sold by the giant Mars, He bore the name “Ryder”. But in 1991, the brand was consolidated into a global icon called “Twix”.

    The comment provided by Twix on its official website makes this clear The recipe comes from two friends: Seamus and Earl. He wanted these two characters Combine biscuits, caramel and chocolate In a delicious bar Can you read online. But they both disagreed on manufacturing. While the chocolate bar was being served, tensions erupted between the two inventors and the bar broke in two. The company was also divided into two parts Create a “Right Twix” and a “Left Twix”. It is said that this is how the two identical chocolate bars were made differently. was one “dipped in caramel” while for the other “Caramel was poured on the biscuit.” As you will understand, in the end, the recipe was the same and that’s how the bars were finally brought together in the same package, creating “Twix”.

    But then, why this name? The reason is very simple, just look The contraction of words makes it possible to get “Twix”. in Tweet 2018 Brought back to the fore by the Twitter trend, the brand itself explains Contraction “twin” and “stick”. These two words can be translated as “twin stick”. A reference to the chocolate bars traditionally sold in pairs in their gold packaging. And so, if today we also find this recipe for shortbread cookies with caramel covered in chocolate, sold individually… Its name has not changed! but Several new recipes are introduced each year. And in some countries, you can enjoy Twix with white chocolate. Peanut Butter or dark chocolate.

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