Why do some types of butter remain soft even in the refrigerator?


    Are you a fan of butter that stays soft even in the fridge but wondering about its composition? This is why these products do not freeze in the refrigerator, and the answer may surprise you.

    For many years, some industrial brands have been sold Butter soft” that does not harden even in the refrigerator. An attractive selling point, especially when you want to quickly spread out your sandwiches in the morning, without waiting for the butter to soften when you take it out of the fridge. but What is the composition of this soft butter? By any miracle process, the industrialists succeeded in this trick? Answer.

    Refrigerate spreadable butter

    a Compact butter Hard to cut, it’s never fun, especially in the morning. To specifically meet consumer demand, manufacturers have developed a Soft butteris often called Soft butter. The difference with our usual butter? simple texture modification, without touching the configuration.

    To obtain this result, the butter preparation is brought to a temperature of 20°C. Then the liquid part ( Saturated fatty acids) is retrieved. Then add to the whole butter, then knead until the solid and liquid parts are well mixed. The result: soft butter that stays soft even when exposed to low refrigerator temperatures. No need to struggle with your knife to get a thin slice of butter, it’s spreadable right away!

    Apart from this technical aspect, the Soft butter maintains the same composition, 82% fatIt means the same as classic butter. It can be stored at room temperature up to twenty degrees! Be careful, do not confuse soft butter with light butter which has less fat (around 40%) but has more additives in its composition and is therefore less healthy, contrary to what one might think.

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