Why does cooking make us happy?


    Does cooking give you a real feeling of happiness? You’re definitely not alone, we’ll explain why.

    Whether you prefer to be behind the stove or at the table to go straight to savoring a delicious meal, this moment in the kitchen makes everyone happy. Just like a gym session or a relaxing moment during yoga, cooking brings great well-being and this phenomenon has been scientifically proven! Explanations.

    When physicists deal with cooking

    Scientists and physicists Nicole Farmer and Elizabeth W. Cotter sought to understand the effect of cooking on our psychological state. They came to the conclusion that cooking is a means of fulfillment and that it has many social and emotional benefits. They copied their research into their thesis.Well-being and cooking behaviour“, related to many other points. Therefore, cooking can alleviate psychological distress such as pressureDepression and anxiety, while improving planning and problem-solving skills.

    Also, for centuries, sharing a good meal has been a way to spend time together and socialize. These social relationships and exchanges are essential to a person’s well-being and health. Furthermore it, take care of yourself And others by cooking ingredients that we love and that make us happy, which increases this feeling of happiness.

    A feeling like no other

    What incredible satisfaction when you prepare a dish for all your family members or friends and they rave about it and enjoy it. These positive feelings are what enhance the feeling of accomplishment and appreciation, which is one of the best feelings! Moreover, when we cook, we often get caught up in it, completely ignoring our parasitic thoughts. The kitchen is one of the most important living rooms in a house or apartment. It is a friendly place where young and old come together as a family or a place where friends can chat over a drink while preparing evening canapés. That’s why it’s important to feel good out there. Don’t forget to give importance to decorating this living room that is as cozy as yours! If it is not designed and made according to your taste, cooking may lose part of its enjoyment.

    Therefore, cooking releases positive emotions like any other hobby. This activity, thanks to its many benefits, provides mental and physical health. So, go to your stove!