Why does grated cheese expire so quickly? Our advice is to preserve it better


    Once opened, a package of shredded cheese doesn’t last forever. Mold forms quickly, making the product dangerous to consume.

    You may have already encountered this scene. You’re about to put grated cheese into your pasta when you notice mold in the bag. However, the expiration date has not expired. Why does grated cheese moldy in the refrigerator? Should I throw away the package? Explanations.

    The preferred environment for mold…

    the Mold Especially appreciated Wet environments And Rich in nutrients. Opened grated cheese is a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet for these Small mushroom pieces starving! Once in Contaminated packagethey Multiply By producing Germs, Invisible to the naked eye. The only thing you see are small thin blue, gray, or green clumps on the grated cheese.

    How do I know if grated cheese is still good?

    never b Check expiration date (DLC) :

    • if it was A packet of grated cheese east Opens The expiration date is several days past, so don’t risk it. Better put it in the trash.
    • if it is not not openEven if the DLC expires, it will still be consumable for 3-4 weeks.

    Is eating moldy grated cheese dangerous?

    The answer is Yes. the Germs Microscopic Mold grows easily (and very quickly) inside a package of shredded cheese. as they are invisibleyou all Risking eating it without realizing it. You may then be a victim Indigestionor Kidney damage.

    Of course, not all mold is bad, but you can’t visually tell which ones are harmless from the rest. As a precaution, it is best Do not eat moldy grated cheese !

    But then… How to store grated cheese so that it does not rot?

    Once you open the package, Keep it in the refrigerator. Make sure to close it tightly to avoid contact with air. To keep the grated cheese as long as possible, pass a Piece of bread or sugar In the package before cooling. If you don’t think you’ll finish it quickly, put it down Freezer. It can easily be stored there 6 months.