Why is ordering daily specials at a restaurant a really bad idea?


    If you think daily specials go hand in hand with fresh produce, you’re wrong. Chef Gordon Ramsay explains why the dish of the day is often avoided.

    a Today’s dish please !“We sometimes rush into it to request To the server when we are He presses. mistake For beginners: thinking Win timeyou risk setting Prepared for testingOr even spend the afternoon on the toilet. Gordon Ramsaythe president And submittedCooking show American Hell’s KitchenExplain to us Why Order one Today’s dish In the restaurant it is actually very bad idea.

    How is the dish of the day prepared in the restaurant?

    Cod brandade, Veal stew, Soup of the day Or even “instant” pizza…they’re all there Definitely to avoid When served as a dish of the day. The latter is implemented in accordance with Two rules a favour. be carefulThis may make you… Gives me shivers.

    • According to inspiration president : with this Firstly Type of dish of the day, generally you don’t have it nothing to fearUnless you see a lotWacky components. It comes from the inspiration of the chef who imagines a dish with the products Seasonal and fresh.
    • With residues of often questionable freshness: This is what you don’t want please no Fall and also those that Server He wants you more Refurnishing. Why ? Well simply because kitchen He should To get rid of ! In fact, if the leader It does not flow these productsAnd it will end in Loss of deadness. So he is totally interested in you Make someone pay This soup is with remains vegetables exhausted.

    Why avoid special journaling?

    president Gordon Ramsay Clear on a question : child Don’t order Dish of the day and less Soup of the day. If you have Chance in two To know which dish is good for today Opportunities are diminishing When it comes to soup. The only exception Maybe if I find one restaurant Of soup and this is already the case Seasonal vegetables. there Lesson Let’s take this advice from Gordon Ramsay: For Avoids the Bad surprises“Be sure to order”Chef’s dish” And no Today’s dish !