Why should ice cream cone lovers stop before the end?


    This is the greediest part of ice cream, but also the most dangerous to health, a scientist warned. We show you why you should avoid eating the chocolate tip from your ice cream cones.

    the chocolate Irresistible crunchy milkshake In an equally crispy chip. The end of the cone is our little guilty pleasure while enjoying ice cream. Unfortunately, this simple pleasure can have serious health consequences. In fact, this product is far from safe: it is not only high in calories, but also It contains, first of all, another element that must be prohibited from our food.

    The magic that prevents the tip of the chocolate from melting

    While eating your ice cream cone in the full sun, why did you wonder how the chocolate at the end of the cone didn’t melt? Even if you devour your ice cream faster than lightning, it will at least have a couple of nights’ time. However, they are completely intact, still crunchy and delicious. This is possible Thanks to a little magic trick from the manufacturers Hydrogenation process. Does this barbaric name mean anything to you? However, thanks to it we make ghee, which thus remains more solid and stable, or your own colza oil It does not deteriorate over time.

    but There is a shadow on the boardThis technique makes your chocolate cone especially rich Saturated fatty acids, a dreaded object of cardiologists. In fact, these ingredients, which are also found in meat, meat, butter, fresh cream, cheese, full-fat dairy products, egg yolks, lard, and pastries, increase the risk of cancer. Cardiovascular diseases when they are Consume in large quantities.

    Better to get a real box of chocolates

    The daily recommended maximum amount of saturated fatty acids is 25 grams. But this chocolate cone actually contains nearly 7g, which is the equivalent of 100g of minced steak. According to the Belgian scientist Bert Wickhaisen, who pointed out the dangers of these chocolate cones, would be wise to set them aside, however irresistible they may be. And yes, you better bite into a real square of chocolate, if you can’t live without it!