Why should you avoid ordering fish in a restaurant on Monday?


    Would you like to treat yourself to grilled sea bream or trout with almonds at the bistro this lunchtime? That’s why you may want to wait until the weekend to enjoy yourself.

    Upon request Fish In the restaurant, it is exactly what it is Better than if you had bought it and prepared it yourself, no ? That’s right, what’s better than trout With hot almonds, served at the table, without having to clean the buttery pan afterwards…and when you order the fish restaurantYou imagine that this person has just gotten off the boat, Caught the same morning ? Well, sorry for the expression, but you’re missing the point. We explain why.

    No fish seller, no fresh fish.

    A restaurant is a business like any other and must sell its inventory to be profitable. Even if the fish you serve is no longer at peak freshness (and still healthy for consumption), The restaurant will not remove it from the menu. As described in his book Kitchen secret The famous president American Anthony Bourdain, there is a day when you should avoid ordering fish in restaurants, and precisely for this reason: Monday. Why ? Well simply because fishmongers Never open on Sunday ! In conclusion, the poisson served at this restaurant this day – the event was the same for many people… Also, note that the poisson is so commanded in the gross quantities of the food or the restaurant at the end, until the end of the day’s influence. the week. Therefore, we must give priority to these daysthere To order fish in a restaurant! Perhaps with the exception of sole meunière, this fish benefits from being kept in the refrigerator for a day or two before cooking: its meat will be more tender!