With this trick, you will revolutionize your mozzarella tomatoes!


    Discover this amazing technique to make tomato mozzarella salad a very refreshing appetizer. Spoiler: It’s totally lukewarm (literally).

    you know the Classic tomato mozzarella salad, in slices, in a graphic version, cut into small cubes, or even in trompe-l’oeil, hamburger style. But one thing is for sure, you’ve never eaten tomato mozzarella like this! If you already find tomato salad mozzarella Refreshing, that is without a doubt Exceeding your expectations In this regard. Here’s how to turn this classic into a two-stroke!

    How do you turn tomato and mozzarella salad into a super refreshing appetizer?

    This summer, the new fashion was in Fruit granita min: a fruit that is simply placed in the refrigerator, and then grated using a grater. This cool idea went viral on social networks and gave rise to an even more original idea: apply this trick to tomato mozzarella! For this, the only requirement is that you have a grater or a Microplane grater and of course the freezer. Only with this tool, you can get the perfect texture: fine Tomato ice that melts in your mouth.

    How to prepare frozen tomato and mozzarella salad?

    To make our famous frozen mozzarella tomato, you’ll need a large beefsteak tomato slice, mozzarella or burrata cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic cream, a sprinkle of fleur de sel, and a few leaves of fresh basil. Nothing more, nothing less than the classic tomato mozzarella salad! Here’s how:

    • Place the tomatoes in a Ziploc bag And store in the refrigerator until completely frozen.
    • On a plate, place the mozzarella or burrata ball and Divide it open.
    • Grate frozen tomatoes above.
    • Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic cream, season, and finish with basil.

    Enjoy right away! For more amazing visual effect-You can switch different colors of tomatoes: red, yellow, black, etc., so get creative!