Yes, you can freeze chestnuts. Heres how to do it


    Have you just bought or picked some beautiful chestnuts? If you see an area that is too wide, don’t panic! Chestnuts keep well in the refrigerator.

    From September to early November, the collection period Chestnut At its best! Ripe fruits are easy to recognize: they are those that have fallen to the ground. After harvesting chestnuts, the question of their preservation arises. If you want to enjoy them all year round, you can rack dry them, put them in a jar, bury them in sand, or… freeze them! This technique preserves the sweet flavor and nutritional benefits of this symbolic fruitautumn.

    How to freeze raw chestnuts?

    You can Freeze raw chestnuts If you are thinking Grill them or Cook in water later :

    1. Start by placing the chestnuts in a large salad bowl filled with water.
    2. Place in compost those that rise to the surface.
    3. Before putting it in a freezer bag Cut deeply into the peel using a sharp knife. They say that we “split” chestnuts.

    You will see, if you cook chestnuts in water, the peel and the second leather It will come off on its own after a few minutes of cooking. Charm! to’Thermal shock advice Saves you from going through the peel box before freezing.

    Important advice for Hassan Store your chestnuts : Freeze them in batches of no more than 2 kg. Otherwise, they are susceptible to damage when defrosting.

    How to freeze cooked chestnuts?

    Good news, you can too Freeze the chestnuts afterwards to cook ! Simply place them in plastic bags, in an airtight box, or in vacuum bags. The chestnuts are then roasted or boiled in water Ready to put in the freezer, For a maximum period of one year.

    Remove the chestnuts 48 hours before adding them to your favorite recipesBoth salty and sweet. Chestnut creamchestnut spread, cheese cakeChristmas log, velouté, mash, tiramisu, cake… you’re spoiled for choice Boost this delicious fruitfor consumption without moderation!